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Does this comment sound familiar? ‘The price of the venue is of course important, but I’m particularly interested in the service I receive from my agency, how hassle free they can make the whole process, how they can highlight potential pitfalls before they occur and how they always seem to know which venues are suitable for each of my briefs.’

With a busy workload, you don’t have time to chase up suppliers for information or wait for a voicemail to be returned. We pride ourselves on our fast response times making your life easier. The phone is always answered within 3 rings by a real person who is there to help you. We’ll pre-agree response times that suit you when we first talk and ensure that we always stick to them, so you get the information you need when you need it.

We enjoy working with people who care and take pride in their work and we think you probably do too. Our team are personable and professional and nothing is too much trouble. If you need a call back out of hours, no problem. If you need a site visit at a weekend, consider it done. Whatever it is you need, we’ll make it happen.

An honest opinion from an unbiased expert. We’re not tied to certain hotels or chains, so when we give you our opinion on venue options, it’s purely from great experience and a genuine desire to find you the very best venue that suits your individual event brief.

We live and breathe venues and are constantly on the road dropping in to ensure that they live up to the glossy brochures and snazzy website. We also attend trade exhibitions like IMEX to learn the latest thing in the industry. We do all this research so you don’t have to. But by working with us, you have direct access to all our extensive knowledge and know how.

Seeing is believing. When making your final selection, a site inspection is highly recommended and we don’t charge for our time to accompany you on venue visits in the UK. We’ll even drive you around your shortlisted venues, help you ask all the most appropriate questions and focus on all the most appropriate spaces. You can then make the most informed final decision possible.

We take the time to get to know your company, it’s values and the key messages you hope to convey at your event. We then source venues that best reflect your company culture, values and meeting messages to present you with the very best fit selection to choose from.

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