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You’re happy in knowledge of which venues you’d like to use based on style, location and price, so is that everything that needs to be considered? Unfortunately not! In fact style, location and price are just the beginning.

Health and Safety is managed as part of our preferred venue partner programme. Our selection criteria requires venues to frequently submit relevant health and safety certification. Regular reviews with our suppliers at their locations enable us to check paperwork and inspect properties as part of a quality audit.

When it comes to managing risk and security for a specific event, we obtain a full comprehension and specification of what is required from you. We then work with the venue to produce a full set of relevant risk assessments and security plans. We may insist on practice runs for larger events, to ensure that all venue personnel are fully trained and up to speed with what is expected of them. If we highlight any holes, we work on a corrective plan with the venue in advance of the event.

We help you set up a short list of preferred venues specific to your companies needs to save you time and maximise savings you make. As part of this process, we also keep preferred venues on (your) brand, so you know you can take colleagues and clients there confident that their experience will align with your brand and values. We then help you manage the ongoing relationship and renegotiate rates and expectations after each year once you have a full understanding of the business you did at venues as a whole company for the previous 12 months.

From a reporting point of view, you won’t find a more user friendly system designed to produce all the reporting information you need, at the touch of a button. Our portal has the unique ability for individual bookers to see all their own events, savings they’ve made and a calendar of a companies entire events for any period of time for procurement stakeholders to help them drive strategy and good decision making.

Your venue finding programme shouldn’t be ‘stand alone’. It should be part of your whole event programme as one large strategy. It needs to be aligned and we do this with you as the first port of call.

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