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Whether your key objectives are to save time, to save money, to manage your payments or to reduce your risk and exposure, there are a number of services you’ll find useful.

We make bill back available to you. This means that you can benefit from a single invoice from a single source for all your event requirements. Dealing with a single point of contact gives you an assured reliability and consistency of service and also saves you time as you only need to add one company to your payment system and all your invoices are presented in a single format designed around your preferences.

We are able to achieve discounted rates due to our buying power. By bringing together the venue spend of all of our clients, we achieve better rates for all of our clients. This means you capitalise on scale and buying power if you work with us.

We negotiate on your behalf at the point of first quotes and also before making the final booking for you. Our team are experienced negotiators who will negotiate both on rates and also on the added extras and upgrades. This is a great hassle free way to get the best rates.

There are times when the numbers you were hoping for don’t show up on the day. We understand and pre-empt this situation and negotiate improved cancellation terms in advance of your event to reduce and mitigate these fees altogether.

Your budget is our budget. We ensure that we create the right savings and manage the whole budget in line with your expectations. Continually advising you of anything that changes (e.g. exchange rates, delegate numbers) we can automatically keep your costings up to date.

Cost avoidance through contract negotiation is a huge benefit of using our services. Venue terms and conditions are complicated and weighted in favour of the venue. We work with the venue to bring things back to a fair middle ground on your behalf. Mitigating risk includes better cancellation terms, improved attrition rates, force majore and more.

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