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The value of team building for pharmacy staff

According to Bluehat Group, a team building and corporate event organiser, you can learn more about someone in an hour of play than you can in a year of conversation. The company believes that games are an important and valuable tool when it comes to engaging employees and developing teamwork within an organisation.

“An organisation’s success depends on the performance of individuals and their ability to work as an effective team. Teamwork is therefore extremely important to any organisation and can be developed to ensure all teams are high performing and more likely to achieve their goals,” explains Tim Shepley, Bluehat Group’s chief executive.

“Fun and engaging team building can be used to reward employees and celebrate successes. By providing a shared experience to your team, you create a sense of unity and increased co-operation among employees. A great team building experience enables employees to experience a sense of pride and achievement and this state of mind translates back at the workplace with a more cohesive team. Work becomes easier when all employees understand the common goal they are working towards together, problem solving becomes easier and conflict reduces,” he says.

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