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Tablet Treasure Hunts

Whether you’re looking for a traditional treasure hunt or something high-tech, you need to be using our state of the art tablet treasure hunt.

There are tablet treasure hunts and there are Bluehat’s Go Team tablet treasure hunts. We operate the most sophisticated software in the market which includes the most features and that means an event designed for you has so many more possibilities. And we’re constantly bringing more new features online for your teams to enjoy.

And whether you’re looking for team building events in London, or any other city in the World, our system and team are 100% portable. In recent months we’ve delivered our Go Team event in over 70 cities in over 30 countries.

GOTEAM1 Tablet Treasure Hunts
TAXI1 Tablet Treasure Hunts
NEW1-25 Tablet Treasure Hunts
NEW1-24 Tablet Treasure Hunts
1-41 Tablet Treasure Hunts

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