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Team building events heat up for Bluehat Group with the arrival of the long awaited Great British summer.

Bluehat Group has experienced a considerable increase in bookings for their outdoor team building events with the long awaited arrival of summer. But come rain or shine, Bluehat Group has a creative outdoor event that will energise your company’s team like no other.

Top of the popularity list are Multi Activity Days, with over three times as many bookings as last year. This exhilarating, action packed day of activities is so diverse, every event can be completely custom made to suit a multitude of guests and venues.

An exciting and innovative addition to Bluehat Group’s outdoor events portfolio is ‘Two Tribes’, a celebration of indigenous games from all corners of the world. A unique team building event introducing participants to traditional sports, fuelled with integrity, inclusion and mutual respect.

With the sunshine set to continue, it is expected that outdoor team building events will continue to be popular with clients across the UK over the last of the summer months.


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