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New Starters – Mollie & Francesca


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mollie New Starters - Mollie & FrancescaMollie is currently studying Event Management at the University of Hertfordshire. Her interest in events began through a love of drama and the west end. In high school she participated in many of the school’s musical productions lending to her first experience of events. Whilst studying in Hertfordshire she has participated in many local events such as St.Albans Film Festival and St. Albans Fashion Week as well as volunteering within the corporate events held at the University. Most recently herself and a group of peers produced a charity afternoon tea for local charity, Willow Foundation, raising nearly £400.00. Now taking a placement year she is hoping to gain valuable insight into the event industry and broaden her knowledge gained through her studies.

  1. Chosen hat and why? 

Sombreo- best party I’ve been to was mexican theme and I like having some fun and not afraid to make fun of myself. Also reminds me of best time of year, summer, but being the pale ginger I am need the wide brim protection! haha. And finally you can never go wrong with some mexican food!

  1. Superpower? Good or Evil?

My chosen superpower would be to be invisible.I would probably use it for mainly good but also for getting into places no one else is allowed. Does that count as evil?!

  1. A secret? 

I don’t have many interesting juicy secrets but I suppose it would have to be I’m a secret Kim Kardashian lover. Following her on Instagram is a bit of guilty pleasure I don’t tell people about!

  1. Favourite quote? 

I have two,

  • Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass its about learning to dance in the rain
  • The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return (from my favourite film Moulin Rouge)
  1. Which four celebrities would you invite to the perfect come dine with me? 

I would most probably invite Emma Stone and Anna Kendrick, as they both just seems really cool, Simon Cowell, to get some tips on getting what you want and Justin Timberlake, and he can bring his tequila he makes!

  1. Which event that you created or helped with, are you most proud of and why? 

The event I’m most proud of is most likely the charity Afternoon Tea event I put on back in April. As a group we had to put on a charity event for a local charity. This was the first event we had all put on solely on our own so it was a great learning experience and the fact that we raised nearly £400 for Willow Foundation was a great feeling to get from an event. We also now have continuing communication with the charity to help with any future projects.


Operations Support
francesca New Starters - Mollie & FrancescaInitially, I thought I would go into a career with Photography since that was my passion throughout my A-Levels. It was not until I began working at local Cafe and Jacaranda Catering that I realized I thrived from customer interaction, organisation and team work.  My interest in events was then reinforced when working at Cancer Research Headquarters.

I took a Gap Year for 3 months around South East Asia which developed my sense of adventure and interdependence. Physical Activity, has and will always be a constant on-going hobby for me – you will find me either running or in the gym!

I was fortunate enough to play for Sussex Under 16 Hockey Squad and I would love one day to do The Tough Mudder Competition or to run a 10K.

  1. Chosen hat and why? 

A Flat Cap – because I am a hardworker!

  1. Superpower? Good or Evil?

I would choose to read people`s minds, which can be for both good and evil

  1. A secret? 

I used to be able to fit my wrist inside my mouth!

  1. Favourite quote? 

“Life is a box of chocolates – you never know what you`re going to get” (Forest Gump) and/or “You miss 100% of the shots you don`t take”

  1. Which four celebrities would you invite to the perfect come dine with me? 

My perfect Celebrity Come Dine With Me would be with: David Attenborough, Michael McIntyre, Beyonce and Paula Radcliffe.

  1. Which event that you created or helped with, are you most proud of and why? 

I am most proud of working alongside Cancer Research aiding The Race For Life Event, whereby I was responsible for ensuring competitors had the correct numbers and for following up with competitor feedback. I loved helping Cancer Research as one day I would like to participate in one of their events myself!


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