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In The Picture

inthepicture In The PictureTeams pose for their photos during In The Picture

The whole is greater than the sum of its partsAristotle

As philosophy goes, this quote’s up there with the best ways to depict team building in one sentence. We think that Aristotle might have been referring to our team building event, In The Picture, when he scribed this one, although the jury is still out.

In The Picture does ultimately opitimise how our strengths lie in our unity and that when we come together we produce the most impressive outcome. In this team building event individuals are photographed amongst backgrounds of varying colours without any hint of the purpose; creativity and imagination for your photo-shoot are encouraged.

Post-event, the big reveal is of your company logo, messaging or values etc, compromised of each individual in the company and their aforementioned photo.

Take a look at some examples below:

5-14 In The Picture
3-17 In The Picture
2-19 In The Picture


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