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Happy Birthday Catalyst USA!

One year on from Bluehat Group branching out to the USA catalyst branch, Catalyst USA reflects on what an amazing year it has been for the company and what is in store for the future. During their first year Catalyst USA have had just over a 30% increase in events with more than 3500 participants taking part in dozens of new team building events they have introduced, delivering these to the four corners of the USA and throughout the Midwest.

Bluehat Group, founded in 2001, took on the decision last year to jump across the Atlantic and head up offices for Catalyst USA in Virginia. Taking with them their specialist knowledge in team building and corporate events, they began their American Adventure. Corrine Tatham, Global Client Relationship Manager for Catalyst USA, said ‘The U.S office is in a brilliant spot on the East Coast. We have convenient routes to major cities and states. We’re a few miles outside of the Nation’s Capital and a couple of hours from New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia and Chicago. With that said, we deliver events across the country, many in San Francisco and the West Coast.’

The most popular events with the American clients are Flat Out Formula One and Big Picture. Flat Out Formula One is delivered around the world for Google’s quarterly BA Graduation Programme. This is a favourite due to the creativity and competitive element of the event.

Bluehat Group’s market leading product Go Team has also continued its huge success at Catalyst USA. Corrine’s view on why this may be – ‘It’s simple, it’s market leading and can be done anywhere!’

These events are all adaptable which helps with the clients objectives around giving back to their communities and expanding their professional network.

Tim Shepley, CEO of Bluehat Group tells us ‘Bluehat Group took over the successful Catalyst USA operation with a few to expanding the products and services available to clients. On our first anniversary we are delighted to announce an increase of just over 30% in the number of events delivered by Team USA. This is great news for our global clients who recognise why Catalyst products are so powerful. I’d like to thank Corinne Tatham and Katie Kaiser for heading up an amazing team in Virginia. We are very excited about the launch of our Guinness World Records Team Challenge coming soon to the USA. Bring on the next year!’


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