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First Global 24 hour team building event.

gt First Global 24 hour team building event.The Bluehat team participating in Global Go Give in central London

The Bluehat team take to the streets of London

Today, we took part in the world’s first continuous 24-hour team building activity in conjunction with our partner, Catalyst Global, in a major event that will give to non-profit organisations.

42 businesses from around the world pulled off the largest treasure hunt Go Give on 12 December.

The corporate social responsibility (CSR) challenge, saw participants donate to non-profit organisations from their involvement. Each checkpoint was taken on within a certain timeframe, with each challenge associated to a charity or organisation.

goteam First Global 24 hour team building event.Esther Daniel, head of marketing at Catalyst Global, said the charitable team building activity was backed by science which found that giving helped people feel positive.

“We are buzzing with the excitement of the first global Go Give. Yes we want to participate in the fun that we watch our clients experience every day, but it’s more than that: the thought of how many lives we can positively impact by giving together is exhilarating.

“So, when you wake up on December 12 you’ll know that somewhere around the globe the people who brought you team building are out there having fun and experiencing the joy of giving.”

Search Twitter using the hashtag #GoGiveLikeUs to check out what was captured from around the world.


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