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Energisers – What’s the big deal?

Energisers have a number of uses and tend to be used in order to gain people’s attention and interest by raising their energy levels. They are perfect during workshops, meetings and training sessions when delegates’ attention begins to fade and energy levels drop.

Incorporating energisers into your day makes it easier for delegates to cope with long presentations, as well as bringing them together and allowing them to get to know one another on a personal basis.

Enabling your team to bond over a fun experience can lead to closer communication which is more open and effective. Energisers also get people moving and blood pumping which allows them to understand the information they are taking in better whilst retaining it for longer.

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Mark Walker, Head of Content Marketing at Eventbrite UK, reiterates the importance of harnessing the power of activity to energise your company conference, stating:

The use of an energiser is an ideal option to combat drowsy delegates. By being involved in an activity, delegates are provided with renewed or heightened energy and attention, leaving them positive, fresh and alert, ready to focus and receive maximum benefit from the conference.”

Imagine putting hours of time and effort into organising a corporate team building away day, creating presentations and getting together guest speakers only for your delegates to lose interest halfway through. By investing in an energiser you can avoid this completely and ensure your delegates get the most out of the entire experience whilst also enjoying themselves.

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Here at Bluehat, we have a range of energisers specifically designed to help delegates get the most out of their meeting or conference. Whether you’re creating some funky beats with Boom Whackers or networking with colleagues in Human Bingo, there is something to suit everyone’s needs.

If you want to get the most out of your meeting, take a look at the full list of energisers here or call us on 020 3551 2050.


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