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Who we are:

Motivating PeopleDeveloping People

Inspiring PeopleMaking a Positive Difference

Bluehat Group is a multi award winning team building organisation. We specialise in live events with particular emphasis on communication, motivation, learning and performance related outcomes. We have an extensive portfolio of activities that are designed by the in-house creative team to deliver specific outcomes. These activities range from 20 minute conference energisers to full day events and away days. What helps Bluehat stand apart from other team building organisations is the ability, through our creative division, to design and deliver unique experiences that support client’s key messages, brand, culture and identity.

Where the name ‘Bluehat’ comes from:

De Bono’s 6 Thinking Hats – The concept
The Six Thinking Hats method of thinking creates focus in team discussions. It helps corporate teams worldwide arrive at more considered decisions with buy in from all stakeholders, in a much shorter space of time than traditionally run meetings.

Defined by the type of thinking required, a group conduct different parts of their discussion under the thinking style of a different coloured hat (white, yellow, black, red, green, blue). Different thinking styles include rational, optimistic, judgmental, intuition and creative. 

The ‘Blue Hat’ manages the thinking process and controls when to use each coloured thinking style for maximum effect. The blue hat defines the problems and shapes the questions and is responsible for summaries, overviews and conclusions.

The Blue Hat gets you the end result.

What we do:

The Bluehat Group create and deliver pioneering fun team building experiences designed with purpose and tailored to your people and your business objectives. We help your team and your people work smarter to increase productivity and profitability long term.
Using our creative expertise we invigorate your people to achieve great results whilst keeping them excited and inspired.

We are the only team building company who are accountable for your investment in your people. How? We provide evidence of success and tangible measurable results.

Every Day…

We listen and learn to understand your people and your business objectives.
We challenge perceptions of team work.
We motivate people to work better together.
We create a can do attitude.
We deliver fun that reboots your workforce.
We make a positive difference.

Catalyst UK

For 21 years, Catalyst UK have created memorable, vibrant and effective team building and motivational events. Catalyst pride themselves on being original, proven and passionate and it is these values that are the key to the nature of the dynamic events.

Catalyst is part of a global network of team building companies present in every continent (except Antarctica!). This means we now have the kit, resource and ability to deliver our events across the world in a cost effective way.

Now part of the Bluehat Group we are proud to add the strength, skills experience and knowledge of the Catalyst team. Combined with the full portfolio of Catalyst’s unique events, the Bluehat Group now has the largest selection of team building experiences in the world.


Guinness Word Records Logo

Guinness World Records

In February 2012 the Bluehat Group were chosen from 31 event companies to be the exclusive UK Team Building partner to Guinness World Records.  This means we are the only company in the UK who can run official Guinness World Records Team Building experiences.  Why not give your team the once in a lifetime opportunity to break an official Guinness World Records title and be officially recognised as the world’s best?

Click here to find out more about Guinness World Records Team Challenge