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Bluehat Group are the first choice for over 60% of the FTSE100, when looking for team building activities and events for any size of team, indoor or outdoor, day or evening, anywhere in the UK or worldwide. The question you may now have is why?

Perhaps the  reason is because we have the largest portfolio of team building events in the industry? This means whatever your brief, we’ll have a number of options for you to choose from.

Or maybe it’s because many of our events are unique to us which means you can’t find them anywhere else? Even if you hear of events that have a similar name, be sure to ask about the structure and content of the day because we guarantee you this will be vastly different.

Another  reason might be to do with the fact that we’re the only team building company with a full time R&D centre?  A team who’s sole focus is to create new and interesting business games and activities to continually improve the range and style of events available to our clients.

How about the fact that we’re the only team building company recognised by the main industry awards bodies every year? Highlighting our role in continually pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in a team building event.

Maybe it’s the fact that we have the ability to measure the success of your team building activities? Helping you understand the return on your investment. We even produce an in-depth report highlighting areas for development of your team.

You might argue that it’s the exclusive partnerships we have with partners like GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS? Partnerships that enable us to bring you exciting and unique events like the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS Team Challenge.

It could be down to the fact that we develop the latest interactive event technology, like the Go Team GPS triggered App. An App that enables you to enjoy the very best tablet treasure hunts available in the industry to any location around the world.

You might find most benefit in the unique global network we’re part of? It means we can deliver your team building events pretty much anywhere in the world at a fraction of the normal travel and transportation costs.

Or perhaps it’s down to our 96%+ average customer rating scores. Whether it’s because of any of the above reasons, or of the many more we’ve not mentioned, when it comes to the very best team building solutions, there really is only one choice.



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